Superluck Offset Prepress (OEM) Co., Ltd.

About Us

As professional manufacturer of offset prepress equipment, Superluck Offset Prepress (OEM) Co., Ltd. is located in Shanghai of China. After more than thirty years' continuous development and progressively renovation, our offset prepress machines are known as 天胤 at home while famous Superluck in English name abroad. All staff in Superluck know well what ARTWORK is only because they always bear in mind with the idea of production of each machine to be an artwork.

As the focus is, professional it must be. Our prepress equipment includes eight items -Thermal CTP Plate Processor, Plate Baking Oven, PS Plate Processor, Plate Exposure, Plate Puncher and Bender, Film Processor, Spray Powder Extractor and Fountain Solution Filtration System. None of them can be taken as a special Superluck product, only because all of them are as good as one another.

Thermal CTP Plate Processor--- Superluck cooperate with CTP Platesetter brands like Kodak, Screen, Kylin, etc.

Plate Baking Oven--- To bake offset ps plates or CTP Plates in order to prolong the press run.

PS Plate Processor--- Quite economical model of processor to work on the processing of plates. Easy to operate and energy saving.

Plate Exposure--- Instant start and high effects of exposing, using imported rubber blanket and UV lamp.

Plate Puncher and Bender--- One unit of Superluck puncher can take charge of all the punching and bending tasks in the printing houses within many sets of printers. We produce relevant punchers for Heidelberg, KBA, Mitsubishi printer manufacturing factories locally.

Film Processor--- This film processor is used both in offset printing and medical films.

Spray Powder Extractor--- Superluck Extractor has two types- up draw and down draw, quite popular used for the extraction of spray powder in offset printing.

Fountain Solution Filtration System--- A new product which is designed to prolong the usage of the printing press fountain solution filtration.

Even though we have foreign sales department to deal with orders of worldwide customers, we will pay much attention to cooperate with more and more local agencies from different countries and areas. Welcome to Superluck and wish all come to us will enjoy SUPER LUCK.


Nowadays, there are some suppliers from trading company use all of our Superluck machines' information to make advertisement but sell machines from non-formal suppliers, so some foreign buyers firstly see the machines are same to our Superluck, and also quite cheaper and bought from those suppliers, but at last, they come to us to complain about the bad quality of machines, here we will emphasize that only from us directly can buy the real Superluck machines. Superluck does not afford any buyers' loss if they buy the similar machines but not in our original Superluck brand.

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