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Problems and Solutions for using CTP plates

1. The bottom ash
Causes and solutions:
1.1 developer aging:
      a. Replace the developer
      b. improve developer temperature
      c. prolong the developer time
1.2 Exposure energy is not enough:
      a. to increase the laser power
      b. to reduce speed
1.3 focal length does not:
      a. to increase the laser power
      b. to reduce speed

2. dirty spots
Causes and solutions:
After washing 2.1 development is not completely:
      a. water clean?
      b. water pressure adequate? Is blocked
      c. washing brush pressure, speed
The 2.2 developer suspension adheres to the forum:
      a. developer circulation volume increase
      b. developer circulation spray holes are blocked, the direction is correct
      c. The developing brush pressure, speed is appropriate
      d. developer is aging and too much suspended solids, and if so, replace it.
3. The developer crystallization
Causes and solutions:
3.1 developer time too long:
Workaround: Shorten the developer cycle
3.2 The developing additional amount is too small:
Workaround: Increase additional static, dynamic and supplemented with additional power
3.3 developer temperature is set too high:
The solution: lower developer temperature
3.4 developer circulation amount is too small:
The solution: increase the developer circulation
3.5 developer filter cartridge replacement frequency is not enough:
The solution: increase the frequency of replacement filter element development

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