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Photosensitive CTP VS Thermal CTP plates

Classification of thermal plate
So far at least six thermal plate to enter the market, it is necessary to find a way to classify them.

(1) Negative Thermal Plate
Including the sense of rotation of crosslinked polymer plates. Kodak Polychrome Graphics Thermal 830 plates and Fujifilm's Brillia LH-NI fall into this category, this version of the material is only the outer drum platesetter imaging. Printing plate material overcast amazing performance, not bake version, plates can guarantee 250 000 India. According to Wen, a printing without baking edition have been printed to 700 000 India, after drying, plate volume can be more than 2 million printed.

(2) Positive Thermal Plate
It belongs crosslinked polymer plates sense of rotation. It requires less power laser beam for internal drum platesetter, no warm-up, but need to be addressed by the bake version improves print volume. Horsell's Electra DC is one, in addition to Agfa's ThermalStar 830 and 1064, Fuji's Brillia LH-PG (1064nm), Lastra Extreme 830, Plurimetal Cygnus and Toray CTP Waterless 830, these plates printed volume 15 10,000 to 200,000 copies, Electra DC after bake version can be more than one million copies.

(3) no treatment Thermal Plate
The ink layer of aluminum coated with a pro version of the base, the hydrophilic layer and a protective layer, without developing treatment can be printed. In addition to Presstek production so far, this year KPG will also have products available. No treatment plate has two shortcomings, one of its hydrophilic layer must be strong enough to achieve high-volume, which requires this layer should be as thick as possible, but also increases the difficulty of clearing pillow melting impurities. Second, these plates can not bake version to increase print volume, bake version will be completely burned because hydrophilic layer, printing the message is lost.

Technical characteristics of the photosensitive CTP
(1) faster
Violet laser is a laser wavelengths of 400nm, people with knowledge of physics knows that the shorter the wavelength, the greater the energy of the light. With respect to the green (532nm), red (830 or 1064nm) and other commonly used CTP light, purple light of course with a higher energy. Using violet laser light source, the plate stays in a relatively short time, but also to provide enough energy to stimulate the reaction of the film with the plate, and thus the imaging speed is also higher. Using this feature, device manufacturers can increase the scanning speed. At present, the scanning speed of the infrared laser light is 20000l / min, green laser light is 37500l / min, while the violet laser was able to up 55000l / min, equivalent to 2400dpi can be completed within 1 minute 46 seconds in off a 1024mm x 800mm version of the scan (other operating time not included).

(2) higher accuracy
Also from the physics point of view, the shorter the spectrum of the laser spot is smaller, so you can scan the finer dots on the plate. Using a conventional light source, generally only show 200lpi (1 ~ 99%) of the outlets on the photosensitive plate, violet can be used to enhance the precision to 250lpi.

(3) operating environment more convenient
Because with violet digital plates are not used to react in red and green, violet laser CTP device can therefore use the yellow (red + green = yellow) as a safety lamp, for the operator to provide a more Bright operating environment, make the operation more convenient.

(4) live longer, cost more expensive
Laser manufacturer for the maintenance of the violet laser light source provided by the same conventional green laser, the same as 3000 hours. However, due to the operating characteristics of violet are: laser simply will not be activated in real time imaging, not like other lasers as the laser power at the same time we should start, so the loss of life is lower than other laser generator, which is why violet laser CTP actual product life than other laser sources longer.
CTP thermal CTP and the other version has been in sync growth trend, until May 2000, after the CTP violet laser light source products officially on the market, has always been considered the most advanced CTP equipment CTP products subject to severe thermal source challenge.

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