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Positive Thermal CTP Plate

Positive Thermal CTP Plate

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Main Features


Able to work under white light;

No need to pre-heat.

High Resolution

Special ingredients, together with the optimally distributed formula weight of binding polymers, in the coating of KTP offer fine dots with sharp edges and reproduce images with rich tone.

Excellent Hydrophilicity

Hydrophilic Treatment

Post Anodizing Treatment(PAT Pic3) provides excellent

Water retaining capability at the non-image area and prevents scumming.


Multi-Grains structure(Pic1 to Pic3) improves water

Retaining capability and keeps ink-water balance optimally.


Run length is always dependent on exposure, processing and press conditions.

Model PEG

Application Commercial Printing

Gauges 0.15-0.30mm

Type Infrared sensitive, positive acting

Substrate Electro-chemical grained, anodized and sealing treated Aluminium

Working Condition:

1. Marco-molecules are formed by cross-linked micro-molecules during the oven drying procedure of plate production.

Thermal sensitive coating with IR-Absorber;

Hydrophilic layer formed by sealing treatment;

Electrochemically grained and anodized Aluminium.

2. Infrared Laser exposures the non-image area. The IR-Absorber in the thermal sensitive coating converts light to heat and breaks the cross-linked structure.

3. The deformation of micro-molecules at the non-image area makes the coating alkaline soluble(Developer)

4. Image area remains insoluble to the developer.


Apply on thermal CTP plate setters with following specifications:

Exposure Energy: approx: 160mj/c㎡

Spectral Sensitivity: 800-850nm, peak sensitivity at 830nm

Resolution: up to 1-99% 200lpi/20u FM

Applicable platesetter: KODAK/SCREEN/CRON, ETC.


Developer: Kodak Goldstar Premium plate developer 100%

Develop temperature: 22-24℃

Develop time: 30-35 seconds.

Finishing: KG-2, KG-2S

To increase the hydrophilicity of the non-image area and prevent the plate from fingerprint and other contamination, you should use gum solution

(KG-2 or KG-2S, 8%-11% made by Gum Arabic) immediately after image removing. Wipe the gum solution on the developed plate and dry it.

Gum solutions made by synthetic polymer are difficult to wash away before printing and result in poor roll-up performance.

Deletion: KM-7(Gel), KM-1 & KM-2 (Pen)

To remove the unwanted image on non-image area, you can use Image remover gel KM-7 or Deletion Pen KM-1,KM-2. Apply the image

Remover on the dry plate for about 10 seconds and wipe off the residue. The residue on the plate will decrease the run-length. Using Phoeneagle Deletion Pen will minimize the side effects to the plates.

Baking: KB-3

Remove unwanted image from plate with Deletion Pen, wipe the plate with bake solution(KB-3) and heat at 220℃ for minutes. Before printing, treat the baked plate with developer for 30 seconds, wash with water thoroughly and then gumming.


Store under Dry (relative humidity no more than 65%) and Cool(10-30℃) conditions. Keep away from chemicals.

Shelf life: 18 months

Photos of Plate Plant:

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