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  • Spray Powder Extractor
Spray Powder Extractor

Spray Powder Extractor

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Main Features of Superluck Spray Powder Extractor:

1.Superluck spray powder extraction system is compatible with any printing machine

2.Concurrent dust collecting from up and down or only from down

3.Automatic manual shifting convenient and flexible

4.Frequency changer adjusts attraction according go the thickness of paper

5.Automatic program control, easy operation and non-maintenance.

6.New fashioned filtering net with no impact on attraction.

7.Spray powder automatically collected in transparent tank, clear at a glance.

8.No impact on the air-conditioning of workshop, better working environment.

9.Less dust dropping, longer operation life, better printing quality.

10.Less damage to gear chain and electronic circuit duct dust collector and ductless dust-collector for option.

Compatible Printer Brands: Komori, Heidelberg, Man Roland, KBA, Mitsubishi, Akiyama,etc.

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